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Oil rig Jobs earn big money! We all know if we get a job and work on oil rigs we will get whatever we want out of life.

How many people do you know that get 2 weeks off  after every 2 weeks at work? Some rigs even work 2 on and 3 off.

Is this what you are looking for
: job security, an interesting career, an opportunity to better yourself, big money. 

People that work on Oil Rigs come from all walks of life
- farmers, lawyers, musicians, bankers, labourers, university graduates, medical personnel, military personnel, males and females some people are qualified and some are unqualified.

Worried about a professional resume?
One that an Oil Rig or drilling Company will accept? Well stop worrying we will help you with that when you apply.

Apply now
and get that lifestyle you always wanted!
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If you are looking for a job or career in the oil or drilling industry you'll find all the details as to how and where to apply for employment or to get started working on the oil rigs.

If you want to learn more about the oil industry then we have more information for you when you apply for oil rig employment. Job positions in the industry, equipment used while working abroad, safety within the workplace, further training, the oil industry history and plenty more information.

Working aboard an oil or gas rig you can expect that the work will be physically demanding. This is rewarded with good pay and excellent accommodation facilities available for workers. Many of the rooms are up to hotel standards and include food, laundry and all board paid for by the employer with traveling costs to and from work also picked up by the employer. A lot of these jobs are fly into the rig and fly out of the rig.

Your best start in the oil industry (entry level) is to obtain experience by working on an onshore oil field and then progress on offshore oil rig jobs that are higher paying. Working onshore will help employees develop skills and work knowledge to successfully work in an oil industry installation. When workers have skillfully worked in entry-level positions then they can progress to more responsible and demanding vacancies on offshore platforms work.

Wages that are available may change with the placing of the rig, if it located overseas or is situated domestically. The most common starting positions for people who have no experience are the Roughneck and Roustabout jobs. With most oil companies there are rig worker jobs opening up frequently and work can be found as radio operators, mechanics, welding, catering personnel and engineers, amongst others.

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